Company World of Travel except for tours around Georgia and the World, offers you business direction in tourism as a MICE is .
We have everything for perfect MICE Tourism as in our country so in any other country of the World: 


  •   A diversity of international Brands and Budget Hotels 

  • Business centers for international conferences, webinars and business meetings          

  • World resorts and vacation  in Georgia, where at any time of the year you can work fruitfully and pleasantly relax    

 We cooperate with the World's largest Brands in the field of Business Tourism, which gives us the opportunity especially and according to your desire to develop the most optimal version of official events in combination with exciting entertainment and excursion programs.   

In MICE Tourism we also consider delegations,companies and corporations trips.

When creating a tour program, we also take care of the technical side, such as Visas, Flights, Insurance, Hotel Reservations, and cultural one, which includes Events, Lunches and Dinners and Optional Excursions to the sights of the country.

For each client, exclusively designed  the individual plan, without templates and standard programs.

We professionally think  and work through every detail so that you are sure  everything planned will be really going according to your wishes.